Mother Earth Organic Root Cider Review

Mother Earth Organic Root Cider is a blend of raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar, lemons, turmeric root, ginger root, horseradish root, garlic, beets, white onion, habanero peppers, and Serrano peppers (in order of prevalence). All of these whole food ingredients are GMO free, certified 100% organic, and raw. It’s also clear that the quality of ingredients is of paramount importance to Mark Welch, creator of the cider and owner of Barrier Island Organics.

The cider is not pasteurized. This had me curious, and Mark explained that the process they have implemented is a newly FDA-approved process that kills the pathogens.

When the cider is being made they add 9 pounds of vegetables for every 9 pints of vinegar. The process then calls for the mixture to sit at 50 degrees or above for 12 days before it is bottled. Then it must sit 6 days at 50 degrees or above before it can be shipped out. [This] ensures that all pathogens are killed. The PH must fall into certain parameters in both parts of the process. It’s the acidity that kills the pathogens, but what’s interesting is that the drink actually alkalinizes the body. The bottom line is because of this special process, the pathogens are dead, and the ingredients are never heated or pasteurized.”

I’m honestly more excited about this than I have been about a new product for a long time. I’m sipping on this cider every single day. This tonic will help the body’s detoxification processes, strengthen the immune system, reset gut flora, reduce inflammation, and so much more.

Everything in it is stuff we could all use more of. And it is highly concentrated.

We have s similar product called Shillington’s Total Tonic. It’s a decent product, but one I’ve never really pushed much because it’s expensive and I felt it was not as potent as it could be. Tasting the two side by side is a world of difference. And of course, you feel the difference too.

The cider has a 3-year shelf life but will likely last much longer than that, and you don’t need to refrigerate it. Use it as a daily tonic to help the body with all its functions, and take a bit more if you feel a cold, allergies, aches, or a headache starting. It’s the first thing I take in the morning, just a sip to wake me up. Depending on the cause, it may also eliminate stomachaches (though it could cause one too), and it can knock out a migraine.

My only complaint is I wish it contained cilantro. Shillington’s formula has it, and cilantro would be a great addition to really strengthen the chelating properties of the tonic, but Mark says, “Ugh, I hate cilantro. Maybe later.” In the meantime, I just keep throwing cilantro on my salads, and I do a shot of this Organic Cider with every meal.

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