Researchers Working On Vaccine For the Common Cold

Researchers at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh believe that a cure for human metapneumovirus (MPV), one of the leading causes of the common cold and other respiratory diseases, may be in our near future.

Researchers are working on a vaccine for MPV.  The virus causes respiratory infections and is said to infect everyone by age 5.

If one of your kids gets a cold around February or March and they bring it home to you, that could likely be MPV or metapneumovirus.”

Dr. John Williams

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Dr. Williams has been studying MPV since it was discovered in 2001. He is working on the vaccine. Williams says the virus has been around for hundreds of years and can be deadly.

Although most people who get MPV are just going to have a cold, plenty of people – kids and adults – are going to be hospitalized every year and some of them are going to die.”

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Right now the child and adolescent Immunization Schedule includes more than 50 shots, as can be seen on the CDC’s web page here. Check out World Mercury Project for a breakdown of what that means.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Comes Out Against Circumcision

Andrew Yang is the Democratic presidential candidate best known for his Universal Basic Income (UBI) platform. Andrew is a successful entrepreneur who says that the country elected Donald Trump in large part because so many workers are being left behind due to automation, and he says it’s only going to get worse.

Andrew Yang wants to tax automation and give each and every citizen $1,000 a month, no strings attached. He says that “We need to move to a new form of capitalism – Human Capitalism – that’s geared towards maximizing human well-being and fulfillment.” His policies also include Medicare for all, reducing harm to children caused by smartphones, free marriage counseling for all, the modernization of military spending, an increase in teachers salaries, net neutrality, and he is pro-choice. He leans progressive on every issue we’ve looked into. In fact, he seems to have the most progressive platform of any candidate running. Check out his platform on his website here.

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He has a child who is on the autism spectrum and he says he wants to have more research done on the causes of autism and how best to deal with the epidemic.

Yang has also recently let the public know he is an intactivist. If you’re not familiar with the term, an intactivist opposes circumcision.

I’m highly aligned with the intactivists. History will prove them even more correct.”

Daily Beast

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Yang said he initially planned to circumcise his sons for fear they’d be “self-conscious” if they retained their foreskins, but his wife convinced him not to.

From what I’ve seen, the evidence on it being a positive health choice for the infant is quite shaky.”

Rolling Stone

Yang says he does not intend to ban circumcision, but he wants to “inform parents that it is entirely up to them whether their infant gets circumcised, and that there are costs and benefits either way.”

It’s sort of pushed on parents in many situations.”

Given everything he has said about circumcision and the fact that his son is on the spectrum, we’re very curious about his stance on vaccines, but if he has any anti-vaccine sentiments it’s probably best for him to keep them to himself for now.

The more choice we give parents, and the more we diminish the possible preconceptions or misinformation various parents are receiving, then the better off we’ll be as a society.”

Amazon Removed Anti-Vax Documentaries

Last weekBuzzfeed News reports that Amazon “appears to have removed” anti-vaccination documentaries like Vaxxed from Amazon Prime.

On the first of this month, California Rep. Adam Schiff published an open letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos asking that Amazon remove anti-vax content to from its website.

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As the largest online marketplace in the world, Amazon is in a unique position to shape consumption. The algorithms which power social media platforms and Amazon’s recommendations are not designed to distinguish quality information from misinformation or misleading information and, as a result, harmful anti-vaccine messages have been able to thrive and spread. The consequences are particularly troubling for public health issues.”

Schiff Sends Letter to Amazon CEO Regarding Anti-Vaccine Misinformation

Schiff also wrote letters to Google and Facebook. Soon after YouTube banned advertising on some of the anti-vax videos and added additional pro-vaccine information. Google also said in a blog post that it will down-rank conspiracy theory videos.

Facebook says it’s “currently working on additional changes.”

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We have paid more than $4.03 billion dollars for vaccine damage lawsuits with our tax dollars.

FDA Has Removed Restrictions on Genetically Modified Salmon

Genetically modified fish will soon be sold in the United States. The Food and Drug Administration lifted the import restriction on AquaBounty’s genetically engineered salmon eggs on Friday, March 8th.

In late 2015 the FDA approved AquaBounty’s genetically modified salmon, but shortly thereafter Congress had the FDA block the GM salmon from entering the U.S. until labeling standards were issued. Last December the former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue announced the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard. The GM salmon will be labeled as “Bioengineered.”

AquaAdvantage GM Salmon eggs will be imported to the company’s land-based facility in Indiana where the eggs will be raised into salmon and sold as food. The AquaAdvantage Salmon grows year-round and grows faster than farm-raised Atlantic salmon. The salmon will take more than a year reach the market if everything goes according to plan. Aquabounty chief Sylvia Wulf told the AP certification for an Indiana growing facility is expected in a few weeks. The facility will then receive the genetically modified salmon eggs and it will then take approximately 18 months for the salmon to reach their target weight.



Hospital Linens Are Testing Positive For Mold

A study published in Clinical Infectious Diseases examined freshly- laundered hospital linens, and found that more than 10 percent of sheets received by a fifth of hospitals studied tested positive for Mucorales, a fungus responsible for potentially serious infections. Cases of healthcare-associated mucormycosis, the infection associated with Mucorales, have been on the rise for the past decade. Previously, scientists have suggested that contaminated medical devices could be a reason for this, but researchers from the University of Pittsburgh have identified hospital linens as another cause of the infection. The study shows that forty-seven percent of frshly delivered healthcare linenes in the hospitals studied contained Mucorales upon arrival.

Cleaning Hospital Linens

Healthcare is a business, and cutting costs is one of the ways a business makes money. In the modern age, that has translated to outsourcing hospital laundry, as the hospital is no longer obligated to pay for the equipment, energy, and manpower needed to wash their linen. Much of the process is now automated.

This automation isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if there’s a way to push for more environmentally friendly laundry practices. Still, this study shows there is cause for concern regarding the outsourcing of washing linens.

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Why Hospitals Breed Pathogens

While the washing of the linens no longer happens in hospitals, it can’t be denied that healthcare facilities are excellent breeding grounds for bacteria and fungus that cause potentially dangerous infections. Hospitals are where people who are dealing with these infections go. It makes sense that those pathogens will be present.

Modern medicine, in particular antibiotics, compounds the issue though. Antibiotics are designed to destroy all of the bacteria in the gut. While this can eliminate the present infection, it also kills the beneficial bacteria that balance the microbiome. There are also pathogens that antibiotics don’t eliminate. Those pathogens grow stronger in the microbiome vacuum created by the antibiotics. In a hospital setting, you don’t even need to take antibiotic yourself to experience these effects. A study from 2016 found that patients were more likely to develop a C.diff (a notoriously hospital-friendly pathogen) infection if the previous occupant of their hospital room or bed was given antibiotics.

Risky Business

People in hospitals are constantly exposed to infection. A frequent source of exposure is improperly cleaned medical devices, but this study adds another culprit into the mix, the linens. We can all agree that we need to limit our exposure to certain microbes, but indiscriminately killing them all leaves us with no natural defenses. Are the number of fungal infections up because there is more dangerous fungus out there? Or is it because we are increasingly ill-equipped to deal with them?


Tylenol Side Effects You Should Know About

You have probably heard that Acetaminophen may damage the liver. But a recent study showed that Acetaminophen may also damage the heart, the gastrointestinal bleeding, and the kidneys. The study also shows increased mortality for those who take Acetaminophen as well. As Acetaminophen use increases the risks increase as well.

There are also risks to using Acetaminophen while pregnant:

  • In a Norwiegan cohort, mothers were surveyed for acetaminophen exposure in weeks 17-30 of gestation, and 6 months postpartum. Children evaluated at 3 years were found to have dose-related effects from up to 28 days of cumulative acetaminophen exposure. These effects included motor, communication, and behavioral parameters.
  • Acetaminophen depletes the body’s primary antioxidant, glutathione, and interferes with the imperative function of fever to resolve infection and inflammation.
  • This study did not control for vaccination status, but there is empirical evidence that combining vaccines and acetaminophen may set vulnerable children up for a diagnosis of autism.

Another study linked prenatal acetaminophen use with an increased likelihood of ADHD.

Kelly Brogan, MD also reported in another article that after swallowing 1000 mg of Tylenol people showed less empathy.

Be sure to visit Kelly Brogan’s website and check out her YouTube channel as well.


FDA Admits That Flu Vaccine Vaccines for Pregnant Women Untested, Unlicensed

The CDC and other government agencies are recommending the FLULAVAL and Tdap vaccines for pregnant women. The manufacturers of FLULAVAL and Tdap vaccines have not had any clinical safety trials with pregnant mothers and the vaccines are not licensed for use with pregnant mothers, according to the Children’s Health Defense.

The manufacturers warn against against vaccinating pregnant mothers:

There are insufficient data on FLULAVAL QUADRIVALENT in pregnant women to inform.”

Package Insert for FluLaval Quadrivalent

There are no controlled data in human pregnancy. Diphtheria/pertussis, acellular/tetanus is only recommended for use during pregnancy when benefit outweighs risk.”

Tdap Vaccine Information

A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit was filed by Children’s Health Defense attorney, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on behalf of Informed Consent Action Network to obtain clinical trial data used by FDA to approve influenza vaccines for pregnant women.

The FDA’s response:

We have no records responsive to your requests.”

The FDA is admitting that these vaccines being recommended for pregnant women have not been licensed for such use by the FDA or tested for safety for pregnant mothers in clinical trials.

As a nation, we can no longer pretend our trusted agencies are protecting our children. It is time to hold federal agencies accountable.”

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.


How To Heal Your Gut

How To Detoxify and Heal From Vaccinations – For Adults and Children

From Children’s Health Defense:

WASHINGTON, D.C., Feb. 11, 2019—In response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit, the FDA has admitted, for the first time, that government agencies, including the CDC, are recommending vaccines for pregnant women that have neither been licensed for pregnant mothers by FDA nor tested for safety in clinical trials. The lawsuit, filed by Children’s Health Defense (CHD) attorney, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on behalf of Informed Consent Action Network(ICAN), a vaccine safety advocacy group, sought all clinical trial data used by FDA to approve influenza vaccines for pregnant women. The FDA’s terse reply: “We have no records responsive to your requests.”

The manufacturers of flu and Tdap vaccines warn against their use for pregnant mothers since their safety has never been established. Package inserts state that it is “not known” whether the vaccines “will harm an unborn baby” and there are “insufficient data” on use in pregnant women to inform vaccine-associated risks. FDA regulations strictly prohibit pharmaceutical companies from marketing products for “off-license” uses. Noncompliant companies are routinely prosecuted criminally and civilly, paying billions in lawsuits and settlements.

The CDC nevertheless has actively recommended influenza vaccination during any trimester of pregnancy since 2004 and has told pregnant women to get Tdap shots (for tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis) since 2011. The FDA is responsible for vaccine safety and licensing, but, in the just-released court documents, it admits that it has no safety data to back up the CDC’s “off-license” pregnancy recommendations. FDA’s website states that it has never formally approved any vaccines “specifically for use during pregnancy to protect the infant.”

Blanket recommendations for vaccination during pregnancy are a dangerous proposition due to vaccination’s ability to activate a maternal immune response that can damage the developing fetal brain—just as infections during pregnancy sometimes do. In 2008, neuroscientist Paul Patterson warned, “Even if it happens less than 1% of the time, vaccinating an entire population of pregnant women could affect thousands of children.”

Long-term safety studies have not been designed to detect vaccine-related fetal injuries, but a 2017 Kaiser study of over 45,000 women (published in JAMA Pediatrics) showed an elevated risk of birth defects and a 20% higher risk of autism in children whose mothers received a first-trimester flu shot. After the authors applied a statistical correction that lessened the significant association, renowned UCLA statistician Sander Greenland criticized the methodologically “inappropriate” decision, noting that pharmaceutical researchers use the technique when they don’t like a result and “want to see if they can get rid of it.”

Click here to read the rest of the article on Children’s Health Defense’s website.

Thanks to Health Impact News for bringing this story to our attention.