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If you are interested in writing for us,  please start with a submission. We don’t want to see samples of your writing or to approve a subject beforehand, but please do your homework and know the types of articles we publish.

We don’t want what we call “fluff” articles or posts. We respect our readership. They are smart and informed. We are looking for in-depth articles with real information that educates and informs our readers.

If we like your submission, it may be published on one of two sites: Organic Lifestyle Magazine or Green Lifestyle Market.

We Do Not Pay For Articles or Blog Posts

We do encourage you to write a good bio and to use all available social media links. We want to establish an ongoing relationship with you to help you promote yourself, your business, or your cause through your writing.

What We Are Looking For

Posts for submission should be at least 400 words. There is no maximum word count. We prefer longer in-depth articles.

Topics include, but are not limited to, natural health, fitness, agriculture, gardening, healing, healthy food, recipes, human rights, animal rights, and environmental issues. Gardening posts do well, as do posts relating to raw foods and anything vegan and vegetarian. Recipes are always welcome. All content must be original and not published anywhere else unless you receive prior approval from us.

Examples of Articles That Do Very Well

What You Should Know


We edit! If the edit is extensive, we will ask for your approval before we publish.

Our editorial guide is the Chicago Manual of Style. Let’s just say this… we like the Oxford or serial comma and if you leave it out, we’ll put it in. You could impress our editorial staff  by putting it in yourself.


If you want to republish an article from another website, or if you’re hoping to publish on OLM and then republish the same article on other websites, please see our FAQ page.

Links in Articles

Please do not place links within the main body of your article. We do not want to push or pull readers to another website while they are reading our publication.

Bio and Social Media

Every author is given the opportunity to add their bio, their website link, and multiple social media links. This is where you sell yourself, not in the middle of your article.

Links in Conclusion

You may add one or two links in your concluding paragraph to send traffic to your website (or any other website.) All links must be relevant to the article and enhance or further the reading experience.

further reading
If links in your conclusion read like spam, they will be removed. We may also add our own links in your conclusion as well. Please use smart links.

Further Reading

You may add a “Further Reading” section below the article, above the sources like the image shows above, with one or two links for further reading. Please use the link style as seen in the image. Do not repeat links from your concluding paragraph.


Please add a “Sources” section to the end of the article with all relevant sources, with the link styles shown in the image.


Please read this entire page before sending a query about writing for OLM. We will get back to all writers who follow our instructions, but we cannot promise to be in touch with those who do not.

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