Sugar Pearls: Dangers Associated with Excessive Sugar Intake


The largest source of calories for individuals living in industrialized nations is sugar. Sugar increases insulin levels, promoting fat accumulation and inflammation throughout the body. Sugar consumption and elevated insulin accelerate the aging process and create an environment conducive to degenerative disease.

Naturopathic vs Allopathic Medicine for a Sinus Infection

Sinus Infection

Inside my mouth, the pain and swelling was centered on the spot where my wisdom tooth used to be, but the gums around my molar hurt as well. As the day progressed, the pain increased. At first I could only chew on the right side. By the afternoon, I couldn’t chew at all without pain. And it hurt to touch my face.

New York to Ban Large Soft Drinks


Mayor Michael Bloomberg has banned smoking in New York City, as well as Trans-fats in restaurants, and he had forced chain restaurants to put calorie counts on menus, and he got sugary soft drinks out of city and school vending machines. Now, with his continued efforts to curb obesity, and lower the cost of health care in New York, Bloomberg is calling for a municipal ban on the sale of sugary drinks of greater than 16 ounces.

Agave Nectar, Is It Healthy?


Agave nectar is mostly fructose. This is why agave has a low glycemic index. Many people believe that since the sugar in fruit is fructose that this means fructose is automatically healthy. It is, in small amounts, with fruit fiber, fruit vitamins, fruit minerals, and all of the other nutrition in fruit. When whole fruits are consumed, the fructose is absorbed more slowly. With agave nectar there is nothing to slow the absorption.

No High Fructose Corn Syrup!


We have all read, seen or listened to some variation of Hansel & Gretel from the Brothers Grimm. A witch lives in a deep forest luring children with an edible house and sweet treats hoping to fatten them up for her cannibalistic urges. The children turn the tables as befits fairy tale heroes and get out alive.

Healthy Sugar Alternatives


Fructose, commonly called fruit sugar, is a simple sugar found in honey, tree fruits, berries, and melons. But don’t be fooled into thinking fructose on a label means you are eating fruit sugar. Pure crystalline fructose comes from two sources: corn or sucrose (table sugar). Corn starch is processed to release fructose. Sucrose (table sugar) is enzymatically hydrolyzed to separate into glucose and fructose. Crystalline fructose is pure fructose from one of these two sources.