New York to Ban Large Soft Drinks

soda ban

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has banned smoking in New York City, as well as Trans-fats in restaurants, and he had forced chain restaurants to put calorie counts on menus, and he got sugary soft drinks out of city and school vending machines. Now, with his continued efforts to curb obesity, and lower the cost of health care in New York, Bloomberg is calling for a municipal ban on the sale of sugary drinks of greater than 16 ounces.

Addicted to Soda


I know a couple who buys only organic meat. Most of their processed food, like energy bars, is organic. They made the decision to start buying organic food years ago, and yet they still drink soda every day! That’s like a crack addict trying to cut down on smoking. I just want to yell at them, “Save your money! Buy the cheap meat. Buy the frosted flakes and the power bars. Cut out the soda!”