Total Nutrition – Make your own Homemade Multivitamin and Mineral Formula

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Doc Shillington not only sells his Total Nutrition Formula, available at Green lifestyle Market, he also tells us how to make our own. One of the reasons we love working with Doc is that he empowers people to take their health into their own hands.

Healthy Fat Recipes

Recipe Below

Good news. Fat is your friend. Forget anything you’ve ever read, been told, or been bombarded with on the supermarket shelves. Fat and cholesterol are vital for your health and wellbeing. Pretty good news, huh?

Homemade Vitamin C

orange peel

So you may not know that almost all of the Vitamin C supplement manufactures are making their Vitamin-C from Genetically Engineered Corn. What you are about to read is something that the Giant Pharmaceutical Company don’t want you to see.

Almost Raw Asparagus Mango Salad Recipe


This is such an amazing dish, and so easy to prepare! It’s sure to impress even an those who aren’t fond of asparagus. If you are looking to go 100% raw, that’s easy too. Just don’t boil the vinegar, and cut the amount of vinegar you use in half. You may want to sweeten it a bit, as balsamic vinegar reduction is very sweet, but the mangos may take care of that so taste it before sweetening.