Issue 13 – Cancer & Other Disease

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Crazy… – Letter from the Editor

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It’s crazy, the idea that what we consume can cause disease. Everyone knows disease is something you catch, the card fate has dealt you, something out of your control. Toxins can accumulate in the body because of what we eat and due to our environment, sure, but this wacky idea that they have anything to do with cancer or other disease is a slippery slope. Next you’ll hear that reducing your body’s toxic load and getting the right nutrition can actually prevent disease. It’s as if these wacky people think our body’s cells actually depend on nutrition to function properly. Then we’ll hear really crazy things like nutrition can actually rid the body of disease!

Cure Cancer Naturally


I would start by following a full body detoxification regimen that maximizes nutrition and minimizes toxins. Digesting food, even healthy food, can be taxing to the body. Juicing and proper food combining minimizes the load on the body, easily allowing it to assimilate nutrients and spend its energy on healing. In addition, if I were to follow this program, three things would happen to my body that are necessary to restore the body’s health: the liver would begin working again; the body would absorb and properly assimilate beneficial, anti-inflammatory fatty acids; and the body would become more alkaline.