Bush-Obama Presidential Commemorative Coin

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In light of President Obama’s continued efforts to clean up our environment by pushing for clean coal and nuclear power, signing the extension of the Patriot Act, and his inspiring warlord like acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize, we at Organic Lifestyle Magazine have decided to release this limited edition commemorative presidential coin featuring our president Barack Obama on one side and our former president George W. Bush on the other.

Doctors Mentality


Ever notice how doctors tend to think that their area of expertise is the answer to everything? Chiropractors will tell you asthma is caused by subluxation, your spine being out of alignment. Doctors will give you a prescription to suppress the symptoms. Reiki therapists will pull out your bad energy.

If You’re on Prescription Drugs, Don’t Kid Yourself

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Since you’re reading this magazine right now, you probably either consider yourself healthy, or you are looking to become healthy. It’s time for some hard truth. If you are taking drugs, whether it be one or sixteen, over the counter or prescription, for prevention or a major illness, YOU ARE NOT HEALTHY!

Sick Of High Gas Prices?

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Tired of big oil raking in all this profit while they also benefit from massive government subsidies thanks to the Bush administration? Is your children’s college fund going out of your pocket and into your local gas pump? Maybe you are a tree hugging hippie with a hybrid that used to cost $15 to fill up and now you spend $45. Or maybe you’re a hummer-driving logger…