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Green Parody

Green Parody

These are a few of our favorite videos that parady green issues

You probably have already seen at least a couple of these, but we figured any treehugger would enjoy seeing them again.

This green parody, Coal, by Free Love Reform was done so well some people didn’t realize it was a commercial until the last few seconds.

Another great green parody by Free Love Reform, Pizza Dabbers.

When this BP Spills Coffee video came out in June, it would have been too soon to laugh if this green parody video by UCBComedy.com wasn’t so damn funny!

This Grocery Store Wars video was an instant classic created by the brilliant minds at FreeRange Studios.

Another one of the greats by FreeRange Studios . This one is about factory farming. Check out their continuation of this story as well, The Meatrix II and The Meatrix II ½.

If you know of any more we should add please leave us a comment and let us know.

greed monet business

Bush-Obama Presidential Commemorative Coin

In light of President Obama’s continued efforts to clean up our environment by pushing for clean coal and nuclear power, signing the extension of the Patriot Act, and his inspiring warlord like acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize, we at Green Lifestyle Magazine have decided to release this limited edition commemorative presidential coin featuring our president Barack Obama on one side and our former president George W. Bush on the other.

gas prices

Sick Of High Gas Prices?

Tired of big oil raking in all this profit while they also benefit from massive government subsidies thanks to the Bush administration? Is your children’s college fund going out of your pocket and into your local gas pump? Maybe you are a tree hugging hippie with a hybrid that used to cost $15 to fill up and now you spend $45. Or maybe you’re a hummer-driving logger…