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How to Avoid GMOs

As more people are looking to preserve or restore their health through natural means, consumers are looking to avoid genetically modified organisms. Not everyone can find everything they need with the organic label, and some laboratory testing has shown that even foods that carry the organic label have been contaminated with genetically modified organisms.


GMO-Bananas are Going Into Human Trials

For fifteen years, Urvashi Rangan, director of consumer safety and sustainability for Consumer Reports, has been pointing out that “natural” is just about the most misleading label that you’ll ever see on a food package. Yet consumers still look for that word, food companies still love to use it and the Food and Drug Administration can’t or won’t define it.

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Unacceptable Levels – A Documentary

Approximately 200 synthetic industrial chemicals interact with our cells every single day. Autism now affects one in 50 children. Cancer is the leading cause of death (after accidents) in children younger than 15 years in the United States. In the last twenty years, the rates of asthma, allergies, and ADHD are on the rise: 400 […]

The Difference Between Heirlooms, Hybrids, and GMOs

There is nothing quite like the taste of a fresh fruit or vegetable straight from the garden. To the eye of the gardener, this vegetable picked ripe off of the vine is perfect. They nurtured it, carefully tended to it, and then finally, get to enjoy the fruit of their labors. However, compare this vegetable to one at the grocery store and it is suddenly asymmetrical, small, not candy apple red, and even has, gasp!, a brown spot.

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Natural Food Certifiers says No More Kosher GMOs

Times are changing, and many organizations and people are denouncing genetically modified foods and demanding real, untainted foods to be available to all consumers. Natural Food Certifiers, a certification company that does vegan, organic, kosher, and gluten free certifications, is the latest company to jump on the anti GMO bandwagon.

Human Revolution…GMO Right 2 Know Yes on Labeling Tour!

Human Revolution…GMO Right 2 Know Yes on Labeling Tour!

Our good friend, Jason Taylor of  The Source Project, is here in the US and he is traveling with Human Revolution.

Jason uses his video camera to document the truths behind our food supply. His work takes him from his home in the UK to the palm fields of Uganda and the shores of Goa. He tells the story of the farmers, the fishermen, and the real people who are being affected by corporate greed, environmental destruction and industrialized agriculture.

Human Revolution is a political rocker who is using music as a medium to spread the word about the unjust, unhealthy, and unlawful practices behind GMOs. His latest tour is titled, GMO Right 2 Know Yes on Labeling Tour!  The goal of the tour is to raise awareness and  educate people about the dangers GMO’s pose to both consumer health and to farmers and get the word out to voters in California to vote YES on labeling this November!  Human’s California tour is sponsored by Dr. Bronners Magic Soap.

We’re going to be following The Human Revolution here on OLM through Jason’s lens. Keep an eye on our blog and facebook page to see what The Human Revolution is up to and help spread the word by sharing the videos, photos, and blog posts with your friends! Let’s help Jason and Human get GMOs labeled in the state of California and throughout the world.

Click here for The Human Revolution tour schedule. 

Visit Jason Taylor’s website to see all of his work.


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Monsanto Company Profile Part IV of IV

Monsanto, while refusing to admit that it violated any laws or that it agreed with the findings of the Attorney General, did agree to the Assurance of Discontinuance and to refrain from any publicity that expresses or implies Roundup to be safe, non-toxic, harmless, free from risk, biodegradable, non-leaching, good for the environment, or/and is safer or less toxic than other herbicides. Monsanto also agreed to pay a $50,000.00 fine.

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Monsanto Company Profile part III of IV

Ten to twelve thousand years ago, fertile ground led to the rise of our first civilizations as mankind began the slow shift from full dependence on hunting and gathering food to planting and growing crops. Seed was saved and sowed from year to year. Wild plants become domesticated. We learned to irrigate fields, to maximize production, to feed nations.

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Monsanto Company Profile part II of IV

Monsanto states its goal is to increase yields while maintaining or reducing inputs of energy and pesticides through the use of genetically modified crops. Monsanto’s Sustainable Yield Initiative puts forth a goal to double crop yields in corn, soy, and cotton by the year 2030, from the baseline year, 2000. “That’s in countries that have bio-technology, that have adapted that,” says Brad Mitchell, Director of Public Affairs.