Dental Fluorodosis


For fifty years, fluoride has been added to municipal water across America. We’ve been told it makes our teeth stronger and prevents decay. In recent years we have learned that fluoride is actually industrial waste, that tests were never done by the FDA to assess its safety, and that its use in drinking water was first suggested by the Nazis as one of many means to dumb down society through ingestion of toxins.

Sick Society

sick cold flu

We live in a sick, sick society. And yes, I mean that literally as well as figuratively. We put toxins in our water through pollution and through fluoridation. We alter and process food until it doesn’t resemble its original components and loses all of its nutrition, then we put a little artificial nutrition back in before adding artificial coloring, preservatives, and flavorings to make it taste better and look inviting while increasing its shelf life. We send our children to schools that feed them this processed garbage once or twice a day.