Yoga for Teens Health


The causes of childhood obesity are well-known and complex. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that as many as 18% of adolescents are overweight or obese. Lack of physical exercise and poor nutrition are the leading culprits. Here’s how yoga can help children and teens release excess weight and transform their thinking about food.

I’m Fat


I am not fat like I used to be. At my peak I weighed 368 pounds with a 56 inch waist. I was a big boy back in the day. I was 17 when I started losing weight. I didn’t do it right, but I had great motivation. I wanted to get laid. Julie was my motivation. She was gorgeous, and way, way out of my league, and I knew I would have to get in shape to have her.

Natural Deodorant


I have tried many natural deodorants. Many of them that claim to be natural are not natural and/or are not healthy. Most of them do not work. In fact, I have only come across three that have worked. One is made by a multi-level marketing company called Miessence. Erin Ely, an independent marketing distributor, sent me a sample. Her website is The deodorant roll-on I tried worked great! It lasted 6 to 8 hours and it is truly a natural healthy product. This is by far the best all natural deodorant that I have ever used.