The European E. Coli Outbreak


The European E-Coli outbreak is headlining the news due to a massive outbreak of antibiotic resistant E. coli. As usual, the news about this outbreak is misleading. First the reports stated Spanish cucumbers were the probable source. Now the reports have exonerated the cucumbers; organic sprouts are the new “possible source.”

Organic Agriculture’s Resilience Shows Untapped Potential


Despite the crippling effects of the recent economic slowdown on many industries, the organic agriculture sector not only sustained itself during this period but also showed signs of growth. “In 2009, organic farming was practiced on 37.2 million hectares worldwide, a 5.7 percent increase from 2008 and 150 percent increase since 2000,” writes policy analyst E.L. Beck, in the latest Vital Signs Online release from the Worldwatch Institute.