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Issue 10 – Studies

Studies – Letter From the Editor


Vaccine Studies

Refusing a C-section – A Mother’s Right?

Michael Edwards, Chief Editor –  Was Accused of Child Molestation

Clinical Trials and Scientific Studies

 This Just In – Study Proves that 9  out of 10 Studies Mean Nothing!

Is Milk Good For You?

Is Chocolate Good For You?

Is Red Wine Good For You?

Is Coffee  Good  For You?

Monsanto Company Profile part III of IV


Spinach and Chickpea Spanish Tortilla

Raw Spinach Basil Soup Recipe

Raw Cardamom Sugar Snap Peas Recipe

Raw Stuffed Shiitake Recipe

Eat Less, Live Longer

Overweight People May Live Longer

Natural Flu Prevention

Michael Edwards
Michael Edwards is the founder, owner, editor-in-chief, and janitor for Organic Lifestyle Magazine. At age 17, Michael weighed more than 360 pounds. He suffered from allergies, frequent bouts of illness, and chronic, debilitating insomnia.

Conventional medicine wasn’t working. While he restored his health through alternative medicine he studied natural health and became immersed in it.

Michael Edwards
Michael Edwards
Michael Edwards

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