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Morrocco Method Hair Care Review

In our quest to find the best organic shampoo and hair care products for our personal use, we tried Morrocco Method. Our first purchase was an expensive package with four shampoos, a hair detox treatment, oil, a hair massager, a volumizing spray, and two conditioners.
There are things we love about this company and other issues we feel they should address. First and formost, the products are wonderful. Honestly, it doesn’t get any better than Morrocco Method. They truely represent top of the line, best of the best, without cutting any corners. The ingredients are natural, gluten free, and raw. Nothing is synthetic. This company is dedicated to fair trade and extremely sensitive to environmental issues in all of their business practices.
Their shampoos can be used as a body wash and a shaving cream; one of their conditioners doubles as a deodorant. And their products do more than detox hair and scalp and restore luster to your hair, their products actually help regrow hair. (From our experience, we can agree this claim is true).
I wish we could say we liked everything about this company. We don’t. While it would be a mistake to assume customer service for an individual would be the same as a corporate response to a magazine asking for samples for a product review, we must report we were not at all pleased with the way they treated us at OLM. Rather than go into details, let’s just say that they were more than willing to send us samples, but their level of professionalism left much to be desired.
The same can be said for the company website and the written material and instructions that accompany a purchase. Morrocco Method would benefit from hiring an editor to proof its written copy and by revamping the navigation and layout of its website to make it more user friendly. The site also boasts about its forum, but a question we posted 11 months ago has never been answered. It looks as if no posts have been answered since 2007 Morrocco Method’s prices are steep, especially if you follow their suggestion and buy all 4 shampoos for $75.00 so you can rotate them each time you wash your hair. Rotating the four shampoos is said to provide optimum results, so it is a bit confusing to see literature that states that one shampoo is for normal to oily hair, one is for normal to dry hair, and two are for all hair types.    On the other hand, words are inadequate to describe how your hair feels after using these products. It’s as if you are rediscovering your true hair, they way it is meant to feel with its natural oils. We found for the first time that we didn’t need to wash our hair each day, or even every other day. We could go as long as four or five days between shampoos thus making these shampoos affordable in the long run.
We highly recommend Morrocco Method’s hair care products for everyone, but especially for anyone who is losing hair. Try these products and follow the written advice regarding daily brushing and massage.
Update 12/21/2013: Right we are pleased to announce that Morrocco Method is available at our store, Green Lifestyle Market.
Update 7/1/2014: There customer service is much better, but it’s still hit or miss. The people are nicer, but there are inconsistencies that get annoying.

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