Natural Cure for Yeast Infection

Our favorite supplement for vaginal yeast infections (and any topical yeast infection) is Undecyn by Thorn. But if you need a home remedy for an acute situation there are plenty of options.

While looking at other home remedies, we were suprised to see how many terrible ideas there are on the Internet for natural cures for vaginal yeast infections! A couple of the most common are to eat yogurt or to insert a tampon soaked in yogurt, apple cider vinegar, or tea tree oil.

Tampons are a terrible idea, and commercial yogurts, even the kind that claims to have the right probiotics, are usually not at all natural, and dairy feeds yeast.

Tampons irritate the lining of the vagina and are made of toxic materials. To make matters worse, plugging up the vagina is extremely unhealthy. Pads should be used when needed. Check out our review of Moonpads for an environmentally responsible choice.

Yeast infections can happen anywhere and to anyone. Men suffer from “jock itch”. Athlete’s foot is common. An ear infection can be yeast. Headaches are often caused by yeast. Even the nail beds of our fingers and toes can become infected with yeast. Yeast, like bacteria, can infect any part of the body.

Everyone has yeast, bacteria, and viruses within their bodies at all times. Vaginal yeast infections (and other yeast infections) are common due in large part to a diet high in refined sugars and other refined foods, and antibiotics which kill bacteria, including beneficial bacteria that helps us digest our food and keep yeast in check.     Yeast infections are very common after taking antibiotics.

Topical yeast infections can be transferred during sex.

When a vaginal infection is present, yeast is out of control within the whole body. Addressing the yeast topically is a temporary fix, and it does not address the larger problem within as well. That said, if a yeast infection is irritating skin, whether it’s inside the vagina, outside the vagina on the genitals, or anywhere else, treating the infection both internally and topically will yield faster and more permanent results than treating just one or the other.

Natural Yeast Infection Cures

Garlic, high qaulity probiotics (the few that can survive stomach acid), oil of oregano, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, neem oil, and 10-undecenoic acid (SF722 and Undecyn) all kill yeast topically.

Garlic can be crushed and applied directly on the yeast infection, but this can be painful. Apple cider vinegar, neem oil, and tea tree oil can also irritate at full strength. A few drops of any essential oil go a long way, and apple cider vinegar should be cut in half with water. Oil of oregano can be very harsh to irritated skin, even more so than tea tree oil, so use carefully. Dilute oil of oregano and tea tree oil with another oil such as almond oil. And of course you can combine remedies to make your own solution.

A proper diet and the right supplements are essential for treating yeast infections whether they are topical or internal. For ridding the body of yeast from the inside read Natural Candida Remedies in this issue.

Recommended Supplements:

(You can take these altogether)

  • Shillington’s Intestinal Cleanse (kills parasites, heals the intestinal walls, sets up hospital home for healthy flora)
  • Formula SF722 (undecenoic acid, kills candida and other fungal functions, does not kill beneficial flora at same rate)
  • Floramend-Prime by Thorne (a strong probiotic designed to pass through the stomach acid and into the intestinal tract)
  • GI Shield by Gai Herbs (a parasite killer, works pretty well on Candida, but works better on many other parasites)
  • Shillington’s Intestinal Detox (This is necessary only for those with seriously damaged intestines, anyone who has recently been vaccinated, or those looking to do a thorough detox)
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