How to Cure Candida

Candida can easily take over the body and cause or contribute to almost every common health issue. A diet full of sugar and other refined foods feeds Candida. Antibiotics kill the healthy bacteria that would normally keep Candida in check. Many people know they have a Candida problem, but have no idea how to treat it properly.

To naturally treat Candida, use a holistic approach that restores the body’s natural ecological balance with a healthy lifestyle including the right supplements and diet choices. For treating yeast infections topically, read Natural Cures for Yeast Infections in this issue but follow both protocols. Forget yogurt. Yogurt is typically sweetened and the bacteria are usually weak or completely dead. In addition, most yogurts are full of artificial preservatives, flavors, colors, as well as stabilizers to make the yogurt thick. Mainstream yogurt is not only terribly unhealthy, but it does not help fight yeast. In fact, conventional mainstream yogurt helps feed yeast!

Floramind-Prime by Thorne, on the other hand, is the best way we know to get beneficial bacteria into the body. It’s strong enough to pass through the acidic stomach which typically kills off bacteria. Just one capsule a day times is enough to help restore beneficial bacteria to fight Candida and restore healthy microbial ecology.

The best source of 10-undecenoic acid that we know is made by Thorne and goes by the name of SF722. SF722 is a safe and effective supplement that helps to normalize microbial ecology in the gut. SF722 should be taken on an empty stomach. For most people, two to three gel caps a few times a day is plenty, but for serious Candida issues, 10 gel caps three times a day or more is called for. If possible, consult with a health practitioner familiar with Thorne products before taking, even though SF722 is a very safe supplement that should not cause any side effects even when taken in fairly large quantities.

Dr. Shillington sells Intestinal Cleanse which is a very powerful supplement for cleaning, healing, and strengthening the entire gastrointestinal system. This intestinal cleanse restores the colon to optimal health by stimulating the peristaltic action and strengthening the muscles of the large intestine. It also halts putrefaction, and disinfects, soothes and heals the mucous membrane lining of the entire digestive tract. The result is improved digestion, relief of gas and cramps, increased flow of bile (which, in turn, cleans the gallbladder, bile ducts, and liver) and it kills Candida, all while promoting healthy intestinal flora. It even destroys and expels intestinal parasites and increases gastrointestinal circulation.

A natural Candida remedy should always include a healthy diet, which should consist primarily of raw fresh vegetables or cultured vegetables. Once the Candida is under control, fruits can be added to the diet. Avoid all refined and processed foods including sugar, high fructose corn syrup, bread, and white rice. Avoid alcohol which turns into sugar in the body.

Here is a summary of supplements we recommend that can knock out candida overgrowth very quickly:

Recommended Supplements:

Further Reading:

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