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Reduce Muscle Soreness

Whether you’re looking to recover quickly from a tough workout that caused DOMs (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), trying to heal as fast as possible from an injury, or you suffer from chronic aches and pains, this regimen will reduce muscle soreness and cut healing and recovery time in half (or less).

Step 1: Perform hot and cold hydro­therapy immediately after your workout or when muscles are sore for any reason. If you’re working out at a gym with a dry sauna, get in the sauna with the temperature as high as it can go for about 10 minutes then get in a cold shower, or, if there is a fairly cold pool, jump in the pool then get into a cold shower.

Step 2: Flooding the body with anti-inflammatory omega 3 fatty acids will rapidly speed healing. The best way to do this is with Dr. Budwig’s Flax and Quark. Eat this once or twice a day. It is absolutely amazing! Just doing this alone will cut recovery time in half.

Step 3: Deep Tissue Repair Oil is an amazing, natural way to reduce muscle soreness. It dramatically improves blood circulation where the tincture is applied, without swelling. It is an excellent pain reliever, and unlike other balms and ointments for muscle soreness, it actually heals, too.

What to Eat: Ginger is anti-inflammatory, and the University of Georgia recently found that daily ginger consumption also reduces muscle pain and soreness caused by exercise. This step is actually most effective if ginger has been consumed daily for the last seven days preceding the muscle soreness.

Cherries, and especially tart cherries have been proven in scientific studies to relieve muscle soreness. The studies typically use tart cherry juice. Black cherry juice works particularly well.   A healthy alkaline based diet will go a long way in reducing muscle soreness and preventing muscle soreness as well. Eat right, eat an alkaline based diet, and consume ginger every day, and muscle soreness will be eliminated or dramatically reduced. Read all about cherries here.

Michael Edwards

Michael Edwards

Michael Edwards is the founder, owner, editor-in-chief, and janitor for Organic Lifestyle Magazine. At age 17, Michael weighed more than 360 pounds. He suffered from allergies, frequent bouts of illness, and chronic, debilitating insomnia.

Conventional medicine wasn’t working. While he restored his health through alternative medicine he studied natural health and became immersed in it.

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