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Federal Law requires that we warn you of the following: Natural methods can sometimes backfire (as can “conventional” methods). If you are pregnant, consult your physician before using any natural remedy. Any opinions put forth by this publication, its doctors, staff, and contributors are simply their opinions. It is up to you to educate yourself and discuss treatment modalities with your health care practitioners. By accepting Organic Lifestyle Magazine’s advice, you are agreeing to be fully responsible for your own health and to hold Organic Lifestyle Magazine, Inc. and its contributors free from liability.
I am not a physician; I legally cannot tell you how to cure yourself of cancer. What I can tell you is what I would do if I were to be diagnosed with cancer, diabetes, or any other serious or “chronic” disease.

First and foremost, if you are looking to cure cancer the natural way, you need to accept that diet, more than anything else, is what got you here. And diet is what will get you back to a healthy state. Produce will become your best friend.

I would start by following a full body detoxification regimen that maximizes nutrition and minimizes toxins. Digesting food, even healthy food, can be taxing to the body. Juicing and proper food combining minimizes the load on the body, easily allowing it to assimilate nutrients and spend its energy on healing. In addition, if I were to follow this program, three things would happen to my body that are necessary to restore the body’s health: the liver would begin working again; the body would absorb and properly assimilate beneficial, anti-inflammatory fatty acids; and the body would become more alkaline.

To better understand fat, the liver and gallbladder, and health aspects of the body’s PH, be sure to click on the embedded links.

This diet has certain aspects of both Dr. Budwig’s and Dr. Gerson’s protocols along with a few key differences that I believe would help speed up recovery and healing.


Juicing is a great aid in detoxification. First and foremost, I would purchase the right kind of juicer (this is an absolute must). A centrifugal juicer will not do. The juicer has to press the juice out without high speeds or heat to ensure phytonutrients, enzymes, and other beneficial components (many of which are yet to be discovered) are not damaged. And a good juicer won’t oxidize the juice. Unfortunately these kinds of juicers are slower, more expensive, and usually more difficult to clean.

To see a comparison of some of the best juicers, check out our next article, Best Juicer.


I would not take multi vitamin or mineral pill form supplements for this diet for two reasons:

  • Even very high quality vitamin and mineral supplements can unbalance the body
  • This protocol provides enough vitamins and minerals in the best form possible with all of the important components needed to easily absorb and assimilate them.

I would, however, take truly whole food multivitamins and certain supplements to help kick start my immune system and my body’s ability to detoxify.

The most natural, absorbable, absolutely pure multivitamin/mineral supplement is Total Nutrion Formula. You can make your own or purchase here. There are supplements that have more, but this product makes for a complete foundation that will make it easier to absorb and assimilate nutrition from the rest of your diet. And remember, it;s not how many vitamins are on the label, it’s how much quality nutrition your body assimilates.

Other supplements include Udo’s Oil 3-6-9 with DHA (full spectrum of beneficial fatty acids), Thorne Vitamin D-5000Vitalzym Systemic EnzymesThorne SFF722 (kills candida), HM Chelate (heavy metal detoxification), Echinacea Plus (immune system), Blood Detox Formula and Tea, and Coptis Chinensis Extract (immune system).

I would also supplement my diet with raw, unprocessed, high quality honey (1 teaspoon twice a day) and Himalayan salt (one teaspoon a day). While alternative and conventional health practitioners recommend staying away from salt, I use unrefined sea salt that is full of trace minerals. I believe the problems associated with salt are due to the use of refined table salt. But it doesn’t take much.


For many reasons, I would continue to exercise. I’d exercise hard and work up a sweat. If I were out of shape, I’d work up to it; I believe too many people underestimate the benefits of serious exercise. Depressed people are more likely to get sick. A better mood can help heal the body and the mind. Exercising boosts the immune system, causes the body to release endorphins, and to release toxins. The body releases more toxins through the skin and from breathing than it does through urinating and defecating.


I would also practice hot and cold hydrotherapy to help further detoxify my blood and break down tumors. Dr. Shillington has witnessed dramatic shrinkage of tumors in one day with multiple applications of hot and cold hydrotherapy.


I would sit in the sun for at least 15 minutes a day. Sunlight doesn’t cause cancer (though sunburn can). Sunlight has been proven to prevent cancer. Vitamin D from its most natural source is better than any pill form of vitamin D I could take.

Fruits and Vegetables

I would be buying a lot of produce. The better the quality of produce, the faster I’d attain my goals. I would find local farmers markets that sell produce from farmers who practice organic growing methods and crop rotation. Their produce is rich with enzymes, minerals, and all the other good stuff I’d need. I’d also need a wide variety of produce, some of which may not be available from locally grown or organic sources. So I would start a garden and grow as many of my own vegetables as possible.

Fruits and vegetables would all be juiced except for apples and pineapple which I would juice and eat raw. The apples would be green, like Granny Smith apples.  I would make every effort to choose fresh, local, organic produce. If I had to pick and choose which produce would be organic, I would always choose organic apples and berries and organic root vegetables like carrots, radishes, and beets. Apples and berries are over sprayed, while root vegetables absorb toxins from the soil.  These particular fruits and vegetables are shown to contain significantly higher amounts of pesticide residue.

I’d also look for variety. For instance, heirloom tomatoes and carrots are more nutritious than their conventional counterparts. The following would be my shopping list, and would be organic whenever possible:

  • Citrus Fruit (all varieties)
  • Green Apples (Red apples contain too much sugar. Absolutely must be organic.)
  • Beets (Great for detoxifying the blood and cleansing the liver. Look for different kinds. Must be organic.)
  • Ginger (Good for nausea and digestive problems. An anti-inflammatory that promotes healthy blood circulation. Always add to juice with beets, garlic, or radishes.)
  • Pineapple (Contains a massive amount of enzymes. Loaded with vitamins and minerals. I would not eat pineapple initially, if I were diabetic.)
  • Carrots (Must be organic.)
  • Spinach (Absolutely must be organic.)
  • Rainbow Chard (Provides antioxidant protection in the form of phytonutrients and vitamin C.)
  • Garlic (Garlic contains germanium, an anti-cancer agent.)
  • Spanish Black Radish (Protects against free radicals and aids the liver. Must be organic.)
  • Tomatoes (Contain large amounts of vitamin C, lycopene, courmaric acid, and chlorogenic acid, all of which help fight cancer. Must be organic.)
  • Parsley (Increases the antioxidant capacity of the blood. Is an anti-bacterial and a blood purifier. Improves digestion of fats and is high in enzymes.)
  • Cilantro (An anti-inflammatory that fights free radicals. Must be organic.)
  • Kale
  • Lemons (Aids the liver in flushing out toxins. Helps the kidneys flush out fluids. Great source of Vitamin C.)
  • Celery and Celery Leaves (Nutrients in the fiber are released during juicing. Leaves and stems provide a wide variety of vitamins and minerals.)
  • Blueberries (Massive amounts of cancer fighting antioxidants and a wide array of vitamins and minerals. Absolutely must be organic.)


If I decided I needed more protein after the first two weeks, I would add a vegan protein such as ground hemp seeds and/or ground flax seeds to the diet. Another good choice is Pure Green Protein. These are both amazing sources of protein, so I wouldn’t need much, just a few tablespoons.  This diet combined with a few tablespoons of either flax or hemp seeds will give most athletes enough protein. It’s actually much harder to assimilate protein from cooked meat. But it is important to make sure the hemp or flax seed is ground up so it can be digested. It doesn’t matter how much protein I consume; what matters is how much my body properly assimilates. It is important that I not eat any other nuts or seeds on this routine, so I don’t upset the fatty acid balance in the diet.

Food Combining

Apples can be combined with any fruit or vegetable juice, but I wouldn’t combine any other fruits with vegetables.

Lemonade Recipe

I would make lemonade with lemons, stevia, and cayenne pepper (ground or liquid extract). I’d make as much as I wanted and would drink as much as I could.  The first thing I would consume each morning would be warm lemonade. Lemon juice aids the liver in flushing out toxins.

Coffee Enema

The most unpleasant step in this routine is the coffee enema, a necessity for the very ill because the liver may be too weak to rid the body of toxins. As tumors are broken up and absorbed by the body, they also create toxins. If I were carrying a heavy toxic load and my body could not eliminate the toxins, I would die. This is not an exaggeration. I could do everything else perfectly, kill all the cancer cells, and still die due to an overburdened, toxic liver.

coffee beansThere is the possibility I wouldn’t need the enemas. Maybe I could use a liver supplement. Maybe just eliminating toxins would be enough. But if I had any concern about liver toxicity or knew my body was trying to absorb tumor tissue, I would do coffee enemas no matter how unpleasant they may be. Besides, even if I didn’t absolutely need them, they would speed up my healing.

It is extremely important that enemas for the liver are done properly. I wouldn’t use too much coffee and I would be sure the solution is not too hot.
The Gerson Protocol includes coffee enemas every few hours, but for regular detoxification most alternative health practitioners recommend two times once or twice a week. It is important to do at least two coffee enemas within the same day between four and six hours apart because the first enema causes bile to be dumped into the small intestine, which then needs time to pass the bile into the colon where the second enema can remove it.

I would decide frequency and duration based on my illness and toxicity level. If my body were continuing to absorb tumors, I would continue with enemas throughout that process. If my tumors were gone, I would restrict this practice to one or two months.

For more information on coffee enemas and how to do them see Coffee Enema.

Dr. Budwig’s Flaxseed Oil and Quark

quarkI’d love for this regimen to be 100% vegan, but Dr. Budwig’s program calls for quark or cottage cheese for a very good reason. I looked at several alternatives and am not comfortable with the efficacy of them.

When the body is sick, the liver is overwhelmed and it cannot properly process fats and essential fatty acids. Dr. Budwig discovered the combination of flaxseed oil and quark (a type of cheese which is high in sulphurated protein) makes the fats and essential fatty acids water soluble and easily used by the body’s cells. For more information and a step-by-step guide on this, check out Dr. Budwig’s Flaxseed Oil and Quark in this issue. I believe Udo’s Oil 3-6-9 with DHA is superior to plain flaxseed oil.

Heavy Metal Chelation

HM Chelate is an orally administered metal chelator that mild environmental exposures of mercury, arsenic, cadmium, lead and tin without altering excretion of other minerals, including calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and selenium.

Step by Step

(Assuming a sleep schedule of 8 hours a night from 10pm until 6am)

Days 1-3


Upon waking, I would make a half gallon of lemonade with the aforementioned recipe. I would heat up about 8 ounces and drink it.

I would then prepare and do the coffee enema.

Next I would blend ¼ of a cup of organic quark (or organic cottage, goat or sheep cheese if available) with 2 tablespoons of Udo’s Oil 3-6-9 with DHA. I would add a pinch of Himalaya salt (not even enough to taste) and a tablespoon of unrefined honey and eat.

Then I would exercise hard and get sweaty. After exercise I would complete hot and cold hydrotherapy. I like to go to the gym and do a nice workout and follow it up with the dry sauna turned all the way up for five minutes followed by 1 minute in a cold shower.

Note: I would drink lemonade as much as I can throughout the day, every day.


I would take the above supplements with the juice of 2 apples, 5 carrots, 1 to 2 stalks of kale, ¼ a beet, to taste (this is assuming medium sized produce) or I would make citrus juice. I would alternate juices, depending on my mood and cravings.


I would eat as much fresh pineapple as I wanted with a whole raw apple followed by the quark and Udo’s Oil.



My least favorite part of the day would be 6pm because I would follow a coffee enema with equally unpleasant juice. I would make apple juice for the base with garlic, beets, Spanish black radish, cilantro, parsley, tomatoes, and any other fresh vegetables. The garlic, beets, and Spanish black radish can and most likely will cause an upset stomach for a few minutes. How much of these vegetables I incorporate into the juice would depend on my tolerance at the time. (In my experience, tolerance for these juices builds over time).


I would make some more quark and Udo’s Oil to take along with the following supplements:

Days 4-7

The only difference between days 4-7 and days 1-3 is that Captomer should not be taken, and one may need to consider replacing it with Thorne Heavy Metal Support.

Week 2

The same as week 1, except eliminate Echinacea and Coptis Chinensis. Resume the following week and  continue to take them on alternate weeks.
I would repeat this week for 4 to 8 weeks depending on the severity of disease. Once I run out of supplements, with the exception of UDO’s Oil, I would simply quit taking them.

Month 2 (or Month 3)

I would come off of the coffee enemas. I would purchase one new supplement not mentioned above called Thorne Liver Cleanse SF769. My concern is that my liver may grow addicted to caffeine and will not work as well without the aid of supplementation.

I would continue this phase of the diet as long as it takes for me to feel that my health is at optimal working condition.

Coming Off the Diet

Coming off of a diet like this should be done gradually and carefully. Lots of raw fresh vegetables and fruits should always be one’s main staples, but especially so after a detoxification regimen and/or a fast. When coming off of this diet I would not eat starchy foods immediately. Doing so could actually kill me. My colon would no longer have what it needs to digest starchy foods like mashed potatoes or white rice.

I would start eating salads and smoothies first and, if I were to incorporate cooked foods, I would slowly include oatmeal, quinoa, and brown rice.


Knowing what I know about disease and health, this is exactly what I would do to restore my health, regardless of the disease. If I didn’t know what I know, I would do considerable research on alternative treatments and read everything and anything I could about Dr. Budwig and Dr. Gerson.

Remember, our health is our responsibility. Education is key.

Recommended Supplements:
Further Reading:

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