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In the same way that modern buildings and appliances are grounded, placing your bare skin directly on the Earth physically grounds you. This grounding prevents a buildup of electricity and any potential interference that may occur as a result of that electrical buildup.

Being barefoot easily conjures the feelings of freedom, peace, and simplicity. What is often the norm for young children, playing outside, is rare for most of us as we age. Would being barefoot on the Earth each day, every day, be worth another go if we were aware of its myriad, seriously powerful benefits?

I’ve always enjoyed being barefoot outdoors. During my college years, roommates and friends would tease me about my diligent practice of sliding off my shoes the second class was over. Walking home barefoot was a true delight from the moment my feet hit the ground, one that I felt intuitively connected to and instantly at ease with, but an experience I wouldn’t completely understand or be able to fully transmit into words until later. Fast forward a few years, load up on more responsibilities, and load down on time spent outdoors sans shoes. For those who are energetically sensitive, this combination can feel near disastrous. I can feel the shift in vibration the second I enter a home from the outdoors, and at times, it can be suffocating, so much so, that for years, I’ve enjoyed sporadic stretches of sleeping outside, nightly.

I began thinking about the difference in the air and ground waves outside versus the waves inside several years before I became motivated enough to dig deeper into its energetic on-goings. The second I did, however, doors began opening (as is the norm when the Universe is nudging you in a certain direction) and information became available that I immediately resonated with, incorporated into my life, and wouldn’t turn away from embracing and sharing for anything.

In the same way that modern buildings and appliances are grounded, placing your bare skin directly on the Earth physically grounds you. This grounding prevents a buildup of electricity and any potential interference that may occur as a result of that electrical buildup. While the practice of grounding is standard in the care and maintenance of current construction, somehow we’ve glossed over applying this understanding to our own bodies. We have, faithfully, been blocking the current from the Earth for years, the precise current, the flow, that we’re designed to be connected to 24 hours a day.

Wearing shoes with rubber soles completely disconnects the Earth’s flow into our body. Most people are physically lodged in a house or office all day, walking on asphalt, all while wearing shoes. This means that many of us are gliding through each day never discharging the buildup of free radicals imperceptibly reverberating around us.

The Earth is a limitless source of free electrons that stream into the body only when it is grounded. This infusion of negative ions from the Earth into the body and the discharge of destructive positive ions is essential for well-being. Excess positive ions in the body are associated with disease and degeneration. Negative ions are associated with vitality, good health, and healing. The more time you spend grounded, the less inflammation you are likely to experience, resulting in improved overall health, a sense of calmness, clarity, and vitality. Jumping into a body of water or simply touching the Earth with bare feet starts the process of these negative ions cascading up through your body clearing out positive ions—simple, free and amazing!

There are crazy, wonderful amounts of research now underway showing that the process of grounding yourself or connecting with the Earth holds collective and diverse benefits for both the physical body as well as mental and emotional harmony.

Mulch over the implications of this awareness for a hot minute. Just touching the bare Earth with your hands or feet actually transfers these damaging free radicals into the Earth, away from your body! While that stream of harmful free radicals shifts out, a stream of electrons shifts in. These electrons restore balance and a rich overtone of tranquility to your entire system—your muscles, tissues, bones, brain pathways. The benefits are wildly attractive. Again, they are free and almost so easy that they can be readily dismissed by those looking for a more complex path to atonement and wholeness.

It thrills me (I just noticed that I’m lit-rah-lee on the edge of my seat right now, I’m that enthused) that this availability, this option, is always there for us, you and I, without costly equipment or supplements. We just have to make the choice to take it, to love it, to allow it to nourish and love us.

Reflecting back to the boundless energy, serene qualities and the quick-healing nature of childhood holds vast insight. Cheers to never outgrowing foot to Earth play!

Editor’s note: If you are stuck inside working on your computer most of the day, here is a good way to get grounded and connect with the earth:

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Carrie Ciula
Carrie Ciula is a writer, educator and advocate of sustainable, earth-connected living and whole food nutrition. Drawing from a colorful “medicine bag” of healing tools and skills, she integrates psychological, biological and energetic science with spiritual practice; channeling the energy of deep transformation through nutritional support, somatic & bio-energetic balance, healing heat and rooted intention. It is her deepest desire and joy to bring through the vibration of unconditional love and to hold space for all that divinely unfolds through each of us.

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