Cherried Away – A Poem

If you’ve ever enjoyed the luxury of eating large amounts of fresh cherries during a summer you may be able to relate to this love poem.

It’s a true story — dating back to 2004 when I ate primarily cherries for six weeks.

It started in June    It ended so soon   Her juices did course through my veins
And I lost control   Could not stop with one bowl     Heedless of deep crimson stains
Cherried away, cherried away —  I sailed and swam in her sugar
Two, maybe three, pounds in a day    And more if my belly were bigger


Her flesh was so sweet    Moist plump and complete   She put me on an even keel
But I became greedy   And yeah, somewhat needy     Craving her at every meal
Cherried Away, cherried away — Popped in my mouth pit and all
How shall I live for even one day as summer passes to fall?


Perfect plump juicy pears      Crunchy apples, who cares?    These two can never replace
The darling red cherry that I love so dearly as she dangles in front of my face
Cherried away, cherried away, my love you are truly divine
Yet I heard you say you are gone until May so I must search for new love on a vine.