How To Detoxify and Heal From Vaccinations – For Adults and Children

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If you’ve been vaccinated and suffer from serious vaccination damage, you’re best off living a lifestyle that promotes detoxification for the rest of your life. The truth is, you may never be able to dispel all of the toxins that have caused the damage. Living the healthiest possible lifestyle may be your only way to live symptom-free. But then again, to one degree or another, this is true for everyone.


Heal Gum Disease and Cavities Naturally – Step by Step

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This protocol is a complete, step-by-step, truly holistic approach to gum disease and cavities, and most other mouth ailments, too. Holistic is the key; for the mouth to heal, the body has to be in good overall health. For the body to heal, the gut has to be balanced and healthy, too.

The Rebirth of Broth – The Peasants’ Superfood

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The easily absorbed proteins and minerals once found in the peasant’s soup pot are absent in today’s popular boneless/skinless chicken breast or other foods of convenience. Any fish or animal carcass plus a mix of veggies and herbs has always been the ticket to restoring the human “carcass.”