The Health Benefits of Root Vegetables – With Recipes

root vegetables

Root vegetables are exactly what the name implies – they are the root of the plant. The most common root vegetables have become family staples: potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, onions, beets, and radishes. Some are treasured spices: garlic, ginger, horseradish, and turmeric. And then there are the more adventurous root vegetables that you may or […]

Can Progressive, Cutting-edge Organic Agriculture Feed Everyone?


Can organic farms yield comparable outputs with conventional farms? To answer this question in 2002, Dr. Paul Mader and colleagues analyzed more than two decades of data. On average, organic farms yielded 80% of the output conventional farms produced. Although the yield was lower, the quality of the produce, and the quality of the soil was far superior in every conceivable way. There are more nutrients found in organic foods.

Consumer Reports Found Unsafe Arsenic Levels in Rice and Poultry (especially brown rice)

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Arsenic if found in dirt and water, but of course mankind has added to the problem through arsenic-based insecticides and factory farming methods. Factory farms have been feeding arsenic based food additives to poultry through the FDA recently revoked three of these. They warn, however, that the supplies on hand for many of these operations will last a year, giving us another reason to eat organic chicken.

Want To Know What Factory Farms Do With Their Waste? (Video)

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We’ve known the horrific conditions animals endure when raised in factory farms. One could only hope we have all seen some footage that shows chickens, cows, or pigs crammed into tiny spaces so filled that the animals cannot turn around or lay down. One thing we haven’t seen until now are the cesspools created by factory farming.