Repel Mosquitoes by Cultivating Marigolds

Marigolds Flowers

Unfortunately, mosquitoes are more than a nuisance; they are vectors for numerous diseases. For instance, malaria kills over a million people a year, and though the disease is currently not endemic to the U.S., many argue that it is only a matter of time before it becomes common in the U.S. again. Mosquitoes also spread encephalitis, West Nile virus, dengue fever and more.

Understanding and Detoxifying Genetically Modified Foods

gmo Foods Infographic

GMO foods are very common in American and Canadian diets. Not because people choose to eat GMOs, but because they are unaware of how pervasive GMO ingredients have become in processed foods. Biotech companies have been very successful in lobbying to prevent labeling. There are no requirements to label GMO foods, despite concerted efforts by consumer groups.

Symptoms of Dehydration & Benefits of Proper Hydration – Are you Getting Enough Water?

water boy

The human body is about is 70% water. Newborns are roughly 80% water, and elderly are as little as 50% water. Our muscles are about 75% water. Even our bones, which seem completely solid, are 25% water. Without food, we would eventually die, but without water, we would die a lot sooner. Depending on the amount of fat and muscle in our bodies, most of us can live several weeks without food, 5-7 weeks on average. The average person can only survive 5 days without water. Undoubtedly, water is life.

Occupy the Farm – Occupy 2.0

occupy the farm

There is a purpose to activism. It is a means to educate, to communicate grievances, and to effect social change. But the activism of late seems to fall short of lofty goals. What did Occupy Wallstreet and its knockoff occupy protests across the country achieve? Did we learn anything other than the phrase, “We are the 99% ?” We already knew our banks and corporations are corrupt.

Algae-Growing Nuns In Central African Grow Spirulina For Malnourished Children

Spirulina heart

In the Central African Republic, Catholic nuns are using the blue-green algae to fight malnutrition at the St. Joseph Health Center. Bangui, where the nuns are located, has been dealing with the effects of a conflict that has made resources scarce. The lack of food has had an especially pronounced effect on children in the region.