7 Yoga Poses to Boost Energy

Meditation yoga

Let’s be honest. Yoga is not the first thought to come to mind when you’re in that mid-day slump at work, trying to find a way to power through until quitting time. Practicing yoga may be great to unwind or clear your head, but for energy? Usually, you’d avoid such activities, but actually, it might be just the thing to recharge you during the day.

Occupy the Farm – Occupy 2.0

occupy the farm

There is a purpose to activism. It is a means to educate, to communicate grievances, and to effect social change. But the activism of late seems to fall short of lofty goals. What did Occupy Wallstreet and its knockoff occupy protests across the country achieve? Did we learn anything other than the phrase, “We are the 99% ?” We already knew our banks and corporations are corrupt.

Morgellons Disease – A New Autoimmune Disease?

Morgellons Disease

What is Morgellons Disease? There are several answers to this question. Ask the CDC or far too many conventional doctors and they will tell you Morgellons disease doesn’t exist, that it is a psychosomatic disorder, most likely a combination of delusional parasitosis and obsessive picking of the skin. In other words, it’s all in the patient’s head, except for the skin lesions caused from self abuse.