Cancer cure (for dogs only)

He had cancer, 7 lumps on his leg. He also had terrible breath, was overweight, had diarrhea, and he shed like crazy.

I adopted three dogs recently, one from the Fulton County Animal Shelter, and two from an individual who was advised to put one of them down.

Dayton, rescued from the animal shelter, is part pit bull, part Labrador. He is a dog with a lot of spunk and the attention span of a gnat. But he sure is a lot of fun. When I first got him he shed like crazy, had skin diseases, a nasty cough, bloody gums, and the worst doggy breath I have ever had the misfortune to smell.

Molly was severely overweight and had bleeding gums, staff infected skin rashes, ear mites, and just all kinds of parasites everywhere. She was contagious, and really nasty. Oh, and of course, she shed like crazy (not just fur either). She is part Husky, German Sheppard, and chow. She’s a quite an obedient dog that has lots of love to share (Too much love! She keeps humping the other dogs! And she’s a female?!?!?!).

Rudy is part Beagle, and Dalmatian, and some kind of pointer (I am told). He is a people pleaser, always wanting to make people happy. He had cancer, 7 lumps on his leg. He also had terrible breath, was overweight (though not as much as Molly), had diarrhea, and (you may have guessed) he shed like crazy.

I put them all on the same diet. I found an organic dry dog food with meat as its main ingredient (no soy, corn, wheat, or animal bi-products). To every bowl of dried food I added an oil supplement 3-6-9 blend, Shillington, Body Balance (you can also make your own, see the recipe here), Total Nutrition Powder (I made my own, but it’s time consuming. You can get it from Dr. Shillington.), a lot of organic garlic powder, Nordic Naturals Cod Liver Oil, systemic enzymes, digestive enzymes, and two raw eggs. I also added garlic, and increased garlic as they got used to it. I’ve read all about how garlic may be bad for dogs (and humans) but not in my experience. None of them were crazy about the dog food at first. The food would sit for hours before they would eat just enough to get rid of their hunger pains. But now, just two months later, they lick every bit of Total Nutrition Powder off the bowl. In fact, you should have seen the look I got today when I didn’t have time to feed them with all the good stuff. They were begging for food and it was getting late and I was so busy, I just poured some dry food in their bowls. They looked at me like I lost my mind. Four hours later the food was still sitting there and they are waiting to be properly fed.

In addition, for the first week, I gave them calcium and magnesium via this trick (used the leftover eggs in their food), Homemade Calcium and Magnesium.

It’s not just the eggs they love (though they do love the eggs). I have fed them with all of the other ingredients when I ran out of eggs and they still ate every bite.

Rudy’s cancer is almost completely gone. There is still one lump. It is much softer and getting smaller everyday. It was a major battle to get rid of Molly’s ear mites, but they are gone, too. All of their other ailments are gone. Molly has dropped so much weight (I did restrict her food intake) that she has a lot of loose skin, but it is tightening up and she is vibrant and playful, a far cry from her old lethargic personality.

They shed so much less!!! They all get an itch every now and then, a flea no doubt, but we’ve had no infestations.

Did you know that our digestive system is not so different from a dog? Sure there are some differences, but how many times have you heard “people food is bad for dogs”? No worse than it is for rats, cats, bears, or humans! If people with cancer or any other “incurable” disease ate the exact same diet as my dogs, I bet they would return to health. You’re maybe thinking, “Eating dog food? Gross!” Well, yeah, maybe, but it sure isn’t as gross as the conventional meat you eat from restaurants and grocery stores. THAT’S WHAT’S DISGUSTING!

The man who had Rudy and Molly is of a conventional mind. He was buying them the most expensive dog food the vet had to offer and wondering why he kept having to take them to see the vet. This dog food was nothing but fillers like wheat and soy, along with overly processed diseased meat and meat by-products thrown in. I’m sure the high prices where justified by dumping in every single chemically, artificially produced vitamin and mineral ever printed in a study for dogs.

It wasn’t doing them any good, obviously. But now they are happy, healthy, vibrant, and looking very fit.

Oh, and I’m sure there is probably some law against saying I can cure cancer in a dog. So I won’t say it. Even though Rudy had had one tumor removed and declared malignant and his vet wanted to put him down when the “cancer” returned with a vengeance, we’ll do what we’re forced to do when discussing the human recovery from non-conventional means and say the dog is recovering from what was an obvious misdiagnosis. We know the truth. So does Rudy.

This is very similar to what I feed my dogs now days, now that they’re healthy, along with Total Nutrition Formula (purchase here, or make it yourself). I don’t use all the other supplements anymore, but they are below under “recommended Supplements.”

Recommended Supplements:
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