How to Detoxify From Chemotherapy and Repair the Body


Many times I’ve seen someone who believed in natural medicine, someone who swore they would never go the chemo route, get talked into it by a well-meaning physician and their terrified family. If you are considering chemotherapy while reading this, I urge you to, first and foremost, find out how much time you have before the situation is dire. In most cases, the person diagnosed with cancer has much more time to make a decision than the oncologist led him or her to believe.

Consumer Reports Found Unsafe Arsenic Levels in Rice and Poultry (especially brown rice)

dinner chicken rice pot

Arsenic if found in dirt and water, but of course mankind has added to the problem through arsenic-based insecticides and factory farming methods. Factory farms have been feeding arsenic based food additives to poultry through the FDA recently revoked three of these. They warn, however, that the supplies on hand for many of these operations will last a year, giving us another reason to eat organic chicken.

Avoid These Common Mistakes To Optimize Your Health Quickly

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For most people, learning about natural health (which, incidentally is the only kind of health there is) includes many of these common pitfalls that impede healing. The average person, especially those under 50, can achieve a high level of health very quickly, but it’s rare. The reason for this is brainwashing. Health is not nearly as complicated as we’re lead to believe. Deprograming our brains, getting rid of all of the nonsense, is the challenge that takes people weeks, months, or usually years to achieve in order to restore health.