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Michael Edwards is the founder, owner, editor-in-chief, and janitor for Organic Lifestyle Magazine. At age 17, Michael weighed more than 360 pounds. He suffered from allergies, frequent bouts of illness, and chronic, debilitating insomnia.

Conventional medicine wasn’t working. While he restored his health through alternative medicine he studied natural health and became immersed in it.

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The Vaccine Argument – Why It’s Important Regardless of Where You Stand

child vaccination

I think it’s possible that vaccines have their place.On the other hand, I also believe that a very healthy person is at a much greater risk from vaccine injury than any disease. But I am under the radical assumption that when the body is fed properly, and not over burdened with toxins, the body is not susceptible to pathogens. I also believe in the crazy notion that illness including HIV, cancer, and almost every other disease are curable through natural means. I understand that this sounds crazy to most people.

How To Be Happy


“How to be happy” is Googled 55,600,000 times a month in the United States. Happiness is something every business pretends to sell. Pharmaceuticals, soft drinks, clothing lines, and just about every product you can purchase claim to offer happiness for a price. But what if you don’t have the money? No problem. You can buy it with credit. But the truth is, if we were happy we wouldn’t be spending so much money on crap we don’t need.

My Eating Disorder – Addicted to Food

Chinese Buffet

When I binged, I didn’t feel anything but good. It felt so good to have a mouth full of food. And I wanted to swallow it as fast as possible so I could get more of that feeling, that taste when it’s best, which is when it’s fresh, when it first goes into my mouth. I could eat more and I could eat faster than anyone I knew, including those guys on TV in then hot dog eating contests.

The Best Supplement and the Best Herb

nutrtion powder

There are so many supplements to choose from, so many supplements with so many claims. I have tried hundreds. One of the reasons I do what I do is that I have always been very in tune with my body. I can tell what feels good, what feels amazing, and what feels like nothing, or […]