Candida and Inflammation

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Inflammation is a natural, healthy response to cellular damage or a natural, healthy immune response to a perceived threat. The idea that inflammation can persist without serving a purpose is a misnomer that allows the cause of disease to go unchecked and ignored.


How To Detoxify and Heal From Vaccinations – For Adults and Children Detoxing from vaccines is not a process that involves a definitive amount of time. Think of it as an ongoing journey, rather than a destination. Heavy metals and other toxins in vaccines can be very difficult to completely remove, and they are cumulative, […]

Heal Gum Disease and Cavities Naturally – Step by Step

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This protocol is a complete, step-by-step, truly holistic approach to gum disease and cavities, and most other mouth ailments, too. Holistic is the key; for the mouth to heal, the body has to be in good overall health. For the body to heal, the gut has to be balanced and healthy, too.

Gluten, Candida, Leaky Gut Syndrome, and Autoimmune Diseases

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Candida is not inherently bad, but when left unchecked, when it takes over the gut and is allowed to flourish, it will damage the intestinal wall. Then Candida, along with other microbes, will migrate outside of the intestinal tract and into the body, flourishing everywhere, fed by all the sugars and damaged cells that are also entering the bloodstream. The immune system will react to the Candida (and gluten, with those two similar proteins) as it should, fighting invading pathogens that do not belong in the blood.

Cure Psoriasis By Killing Candida

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In December of 2014, a new study was published that concluded superantigens and toxins from Candida “…may play various roles in the exacerbation and the persistence of psoriasis.” A full 60% of the psoriasis patients tested positive for Candida versus 20% of the control group in oral tests and 15% of the psoriasis patients tested positive verses 4% of the control group in skin tests.

Cinnamon – Ceylon Vs Cassia, Health Benefits, and Other Interesting Facts


Cinnamon comes from the bark of evergreen trees of the genus cinnamomum. When cinnamon is harvested, the bark is stripped and sun dried. As it dries, cinnamon curls into a well-known shape, called quills. If not ground, it is then sold as whole cinnamon or cinnamon sticks.