What’s the Best Water for Detoxifying and For Drinking?

glass water

Earth is the water planet. Oceans, rivers, lakes, streams–water abounds. Unfortunately, most of it is polluted. Our industries use our waterways to dump their waste; industrial farming pollutants leach into waterways and ground water. Even jet fuel is found in our water–in well water and municipal water. Mercury pollutes our rivers, streams, and lakes. Fracking is dumping chemicals into groundwater.

Couch Potato Parenting

child's coat

Imagine your ten-year-old child walks into the living room shedding his coat. He drops it on the floor or on the couch. You tell him to hang it up. He runs across the room to greet the dog. You tell him again, a little louder. He is distracted by the TV show you are watching and sits down, eyes glued to the tube. “Hang up your coat!” you yell, now furious that the little light of your life never does a damn thing you tell him to do until you roar at full volume.