Clean Your Home Cheaply and Easily Without Toxic Chemicals – DIY

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So, you’ve decided to get healthy. You’re going all the way. You’ve cleaned up your diet. You’re exercising regularly. What’s left to do? Detox. But first, you need to take a good hard look at the chemicals you use on a daily basis and get rid of them. Dump the toxic shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, after-shave or perfume, soap, lotion, make-up – whatever it is you put on your body and pretend your skin doesn’t soak right up like a sponge. Come on; face it. Whatever we put on our skin is drawn right into our bloodstream.

Healthy, Honest Penis Talk

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If you want your penis to be healthy, keep your cardiovascular system healthy. That’s the bottom line. If your blood flow is diminished, it will affect erections. It is also good to note that it is a use it or lose it situation. An erection a day is a good way to keep things working right.

Vegetables and Nuts That Are Fruits


We generally label foods as fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts by their taste, appearance, of use. Not all vegetables are vegetables and not all fruits are fruits. And strangely, not all nuts are nuts; some are seeds, and some are actually fruits. Botanists have very specific criteria to categorize fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts that often do not line up with our common definitions.

The Paradigm Shift

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When you dip your toe in the water and consider a healthier lifestyle, any number of changes may take place. Perhaps you decide that all those reports about aspartame may be true and Diet Dr. Pepper, though it makes you look cool, is not your best friend. Or maybe caffeine is your nemesis. Or candy. Or chips.

What’s the Best Water for Detoxifying and For Drinking?

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Earth is the water planet. Oceans, rivers, lakes, streams–water abounds. Unfortunately, most of it is polluted. Our industries use our waterways to dump their waste; industrial farming pollutants leach into waterways and ground water. Even jet fuel is found in our water–in well water and municipal water. Mercury pollutes our rivers, streams, and lakes. Fracking is dumping chemicals into groundwater.

Couch Potato Parenting

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Imagine your ten-year-old child walks into the living room shedding his coat. He drops it on the floor or on the couch. You tell him to hang it up. He runs across the room to greet the dog. You tell him again, a little louder. He is distracted by the TV show you are watching and sits down, eyes glued to the tube. “Hang up your coat!” you yell, now furious that the little light of your life never does a damn thing you tell him to do until you roar at full volume.